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Bespoke framing service very competitively priced, featuring real wood frames and high quality, PH neutral mountboard*

Frame damaged, wrong size, tired or out of date?   Glass broken?  Mountboard need replacing?   Precious photograph to frame or that unique piece of artwork you discovered on your travels? 

                                  What a difference a (new) frame makes........


   All frames are hand-made to order

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* meets Fine Art Trades Guild standards.

                          (Available in the Swiss Geneva and surrounding Canton Vaud area)







Wood treated with lime-wax brings out the natural grain, creating unique frames.

My passion for photography led me to take an interest in the framing of artwork. In pursuing this, I trained with the UK School of Framing




Black stained wood - contemporary & unifying. Perfect for photographs & poster-art alike.

You may not really know how you would like your artwork framed.  We will work together looking at samples of mouldings and mount-board to find the perfect solution


Gold-look frames with a contemporary edge, or a twist on the classic.

A traditional way of showcasing art, but there are very clever modern versions to bring this classic totally up-to-date



Your canvas mounted inside a tray frame.  (Flat canvas can be first mounted on to a skeleton frame).

If you have an unmounted artwork on canvas, a simple tray frame is the perfect solution. Top: The natural wood of this frame picks out the subtle tones in the background of the painting



 An alternative solution is to opt for the traditional framing process.

Above:  Canvas attached to a backing board, framed in a traditional frame, without glass.  The simple black-stained natural wood frame creates a looking-through-a-window effect, a trick of the eye which the black edge of the canvas mimics beautifully.

Below: This layering of an oil painting on canvas, with mount board, in a metallic-look, coated wood, frame is stunning 




White stained wood - incredibly effective on white walls, giving a sharp look.  

Perfect for photography & poster-art too.

You may know exactly what you want. Perfect ! Your wish is my command ! 


Whilst lime-waxing and staining natural wood moulding does create unique frames, leaving the wood in its natural state, with the addition of a clear treatment for protection, is a very raw, fresh approach.

This metallic-look frame highlights the hand-tinted restrike perfectly.

Coated woods look amazing in place of metal or aluminum frames and are much lighter - and kinder to your walls.



A sophisticated presentation for many genres of art.

Veneered-wood on the one hand allows the artwork to speak for itself , but on the other, creates a refined, high quality setting.






 Here, an unconventional 'under mount' showcases the beautiful paper


Black wax details the natural grain. 

This antiqued-look gives your artwork a certain aged quality. In this land of wooden chalets, it fits right in ! 




A tie representing each of your son's schools from when he was a 'tot' until Uni, a quirky sign picked up at a flea market, a wonderful testimonial from your beloved Grandfather's employer, signage found in the remains of a farmhouse destined to be amazing new apartments, a tea-towel from 'home', original 1964 Martini advertisements, Grandmother's lovingly stitched needlepoint …..whatever means something to you or that cool find which makes you ask "what could I do with this?"  - framing it might just be the answer. 



 Re-framing project….

...the overly-large frame of my clients' Vide Grenier find of an oil or possibly oil crayon on suede leather, entitled "Mohawk", was cut to a more proportional size (≈100x70cm).  


Rescued from the yellowing perspex covering, with new backing, left unmounted to showcase the (in some areas) fragile leather and safely behind glass, he is ready for his new owners to enjoy. His history though remains a secret.......



… just a little slippage… but this frame had very few tabs securing the back.  After re-attaching the slipped art with acid-free tape, a thorough clean of the glass inside and out, now with the correct number of backing tabs, and dust-sealed with kraft tape ….

this pastel is ready to go back into its rightful place as shiny and bright as a new pin ! 


...after a trip in a suitcase from the U.S - these delightfully shabby-chic water colours needed some TLC



 Sometimes, providing a service is as simple as this.... client, running around preparing for a family visit suddenly realised she had not yet hung a special present given to her by them, during their last visit…..

She rushed to purchase an off-the-shelf frame and then realised she needed a bespoke mount. I received a phone call - et voilà ! - panic over !


My contact details are also featured on my webpage where you can also learn a little more 'about me'. 



We LOVE the frames.  We'll be back…!  P & S, Bellvue 

It looks BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much! Sally, Vaud. 

"It really looks great ! "   Sebastian, Geneva 

"OMGoodness, I LOVE it !  THANK YOU--IT LOOKS FABULOUS!"   Diana E., Geneva area 

"J. was really happy to see the pictures framed ! "   Christina, Vaud  

"We are absolutely delighted with them" Anthony, Geneva

"...looks really great" Ros, Aquitaine

"The picture looks fabulous in our dining room" Gaspar, Divonne-les-Bains

"It looks super" … Elisabeth, Vaud 

"We hung the picture this evening and it looks fabulous! I'm extremely happy with all the 

results. Great service too!" Sarah, Divonne-les-Bains

Cool. Looks Great! David, Vaud

"Wow"…… Fantastic. We just moved into a new house yesterday so excited to get these on

the wall!  Kate & Iain, Vaud  

Frame looks lovely. Caroline K.